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Capnovet-10 Sidestream CO2

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UPDATE: Capnovet-10 is no longer available to purchase, having been upgraded to an IMPACT-III


The new IMPACT-III would still support your anaesthesia monitoring within a robust, easily handheld unit, and still with a sampling rate of 50mls/min. But this new model would have a clearer screen and the capnography module is self-calibrating, mean it will no longer require annual servicing.

The IMPACT-III can support pulse-oximetry, capnography and temperature if required.

Trade in your Capnovet-10 and receive a £250.00 discount off the price of a new IMPACT-III.


Accessories and consumables are still available for your Capnovet-10.


HOW CAN you be sure that your patient is as safe as it can be under anaesthesia? Monitoring end-tidal CO2 is the recognised way of ensuring your patient is breathing optimally during an anaesthetic and the Capnovet-10 has all the features you need:

  • Clear end-tidal values for every breath,
  • Variable rate capnogram for a wide range of species,
  • User-selectable side-stream withdrawal rate,
  • Rapid assessment of respiratory function & cardiac output.

The Capnovet-10 is a battery-powered hand-held CO2 monitor designed for use in a wide range of animals. Using advanced side-stream technology the Capnovet-10 can be used in a wide range of species types and sizes. The unit has long-life internal NimH batteries for a truly portable device and the unit is still useable whilst the batteries are charging, giving you total flexibility. Display values can be expressed in percentages o rmillimetres of mercury depending on your preference and CO2 data can be expressed in various graphical forms giving you the optimum information for your patient. The Capnovet-10 also has a wide range of sweep speeds for displaying data so that even with rapid breathing rates a clear time-capnogram is displayed.

  • Quick visual assessment of respiratory function
  • Variable sweep speed
  • Variable side-stream withdrawal rate
  • Small hand-held unit
  • Perfect compliment to mechanical ventilation
  • Two different display modes
  • Suitable for a range of species from rats to horses
  • Easy to use

Capnovet-10 Sidestream CO2

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