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A FULLY featured, veterinary specific, multiparameter monitor.

With options to include ECG, CO2 , Agent, Pulse- Oximetry, IBP, NIBP and Temperature, the Lightning monitor delivers full monitoring performance in a robust, compact unit.

Key features:
  • Combines the Vetronic Sentinel and VitalStore systems into one easy to carry unit Key features
  • 6-inch colour touchscreen
  • Portable, battery-powered unit
  • Lightning weighs just 1.4kg when fully fitted
  • Supports the following modules: ECG, Pulse-Oximetry, Capnography, Agent, NIBP, IBP, Temperature, Wireless, USB stick
  • Single channel or six-lead ECG module option
  • ECG noise suppression filter
  • Fully diagnostic ECG with supporting software
  • Single or dual-channel IBP available
  • Dual-channel temperature as standard
  • 50ml per minute microsampling sidestream rate
  • PC connection via USB cable or wireless
  • Full data recording
  • Suitable for general practice and research
  • Comes with a full PC software suite for monitoring and recording all your data
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Lightning Multi-parameter, colour touchscreen monitor for all animals.

The Lightning multi-parameter monitor from Vetronic Services is a fully featured, veterinary-specific monitor. Lightning is simple to use and can be turned on and connected to the patient in seconds. Using our own embedded software means the time from turn on to display of monitoring data is just four seconds. Lightning has been designed to fit the needs of small animal practitioners, large animal practitioners and research establishments alike.

With a monitoring range catering for exotic species, the Lightning monitor is capable of measuring heart rates up to 600bpm (ECG) and 450bpm (Pulse-Oximetry). A dual-channel invasive blood pressure module allows
simultaneous monitoring of arterial and venous lines and the dual-channel temperature module provides two temperature values (as well as the difference or delta value).

Information is displayed on an intuitive, simple to use colour touchscreen, with a user-configurable layout with the functionality to easily add or remove traces. When connected to a PC using either the USB cable (included) or the optional wireless link, all monitoring data is shown on our VitalMonitor software program and can be recorded for future review. A second program, VitalStore, allows a full review of your data and can automatically produce anaesthetic record charts as well as ECG and other monitoring reports.

The ECG review feature allows full measurement of the ECG waveform, along with mean heart rate and VVTi calculations.


Modules available:


Technical Specification



John Hird


Hird and Partners, LLP

“Keith Simpson’s combination of qualifications, being both an experienced veterinary surgeon and an electronics engineer, have enabled him to manufacture ventilators, monitoring and other anaesthetic equipment, specifically tailored to the practice environment. The Lightning Multi Parameter monitor’s compactness, coupled with its reliability renders it an indispensable component in our equine anaesthetic set up”

“We have been using the new Lightning Multi-Monitor since it was first released.
The unit is compact and the touch screen is very responsive and intuitive, making it simple and easy to use.
Connection to the PC is also straightforward and the display on the PC mirrors that on the unit in real time. The anaesthetic chart produced by the PC software looks very professional and can be attached to the records as well as given to the client.

We currently have three units now and will be buying more in future.
We are deeply in love with our units, as such that their removal would seem like losing an arm and a leg!!!”

John Ambler

“I can unreservedly recommend the Vetronic Lightning multi-parameter monitor.

The Lightning is very easy to use. I found it very easy to install the software on my computer, and the layout of the touchscreen made it easy to access the various menus. Also, personalising the functions and the setting of alarms follows a repeatable and intuitive process. The monitor performs well in real situations and it is easy to see trace and other data on the vibrant colour screen. The facility to download data to a pc and produce an anaesthetic chart is a brilliant idea.

I actually became aware of Vetronic Services at the London Vet Show 2013. What most impressed me about Vetronic Services is that they took the feedback from their end-users on board and produced a really excellent piece of kit. The after sales support has been very good and I am sure that the Lightning monitor will continue to evolve and improve as more and more vets use it.”

Dirk Brink, BVSc MRCVS



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