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ICON In Circuit Oxygen aNalyser

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Oxygen aNalyser

ICON is a simple way to monitor your circuit oxygen levels.

ICON can be used to monitor oxygen levels in anaesthetic circuits, from oxygen concentrators, or in oxygen tents.

With ICON you can:

  • Check the oxygen concentration in a circle or rebreathing system
  • Check the oxygen levels inside an oxygen tent or cage
  • Measure the oxygen concentration from your oxygen generator
  • Run air/ oxygen mixes with confidence
  • Guard against hypoxic conditions


Key features:
  • Early detection of hypoxic gas mixtures
  • Easy-to-read screen
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable and low cost
  • Small, unobtrusive unit
  • Runs on one standard AA battery for a year
  • Galvanic cell has a two to five-year lifespan
  • Simple re-calibration procedure
  • Swivel main body for preferred viewing position
  • Fitted with standard 22mm and 15mm connectors
  • Auto switch-off after eight hours continuous use
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Oxygen aNalyser

ICON is an in-circuit oxygen analyser for use in veterinary operating theatres and intensive care wards. There are many situations where knowing the level or percentage of oxygen is beneficial, but monitoring or measurement is difficult.

The ICON unit can be placed on the fresh gas outlet of an anaesthetic machine or within the re-breathing limbs of a circle system, wherever the oxygen concentration needs to be known.

This is particularly useful where breathing systems are not run with 100 per cent oxygen and different oxygen levels are required. It is also useful to know the actual concentration of delivered oxygen from an oxygen concentrator, or oxygen generator, as this may vary with load and flow rates.

ICON does not require a pump or delivery system to deliver gas to its sensing element. The active element is very close to the surface and this enables accurate measurements to be made in open-air environments, such as oxygen tents or oxygen cages.

ICON can be supplied with magnetic or velcro mounts for easy attachment to cage sides. ICON has a good response time, stabilising to a reading within 10-15 seconds.

ICON uses a standard single AA battery which has a lifespan of approximately one year when used for eight hours a day, every day.

The sensing element is a long-life galvanic sensor which has a working life of approximately two to five years, based on an oxygen exposure of 100 per cent, to 21 per cent, respectively.


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“I have used the ICON oxygen analyser primarily in oxygen tents/enclosures in a variety of dyspnoeic species, from dogs to degus. It has been particularly useful in ensuring adequate oxygen levels have been reached and allows for efficient oxygen consumption maintenance and can help identify leaks in enclosures, as well as providing peace of mind for monitoring appropriate oxygen delivery to sick animals.

It is easy to use, reliable and robust and is quickly becoming my favourite Vetronic gadget!”

Wendy Bament

ICON In Circuit Oxygen aNalyser

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