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Tafonius Junior is not another bag-in-a-bottle ventilator. You won’t find an ascending or descending bellows anywhere on this machine. In fact Tafonius Junior behaves more like a normal re-breathing bag than anything else. During spontaneous respiration the cylinder volume rises and falls just like a re-breathing bag. During IPPV the cylinder volume decreases during inspiration exactly like a bag being squeezed and refills in expiration like a re-breathing bag. The way that the ‘bag’ is squeezed is entirely under your control. Also the emptying and filling
of this ‘bag’ requires no effort from the patient because the motor controlling the cylinder does all the work. This is what we call the Tafonius Airway Servo System.

horse is that it costs around 85p/hour* to drive a ventilator with oxygen. Over a year of operating at only 6 hours per day that mounts up to over £1300 in oxygen costs alone. *(based on a 600kg horse at 6 breaths per minute and a venturi efficiency of 40%) designed drainage channels that allow you to easily flood the piston area with cleaning agent. The soda-lime absorber is readily removed and the piston is automatically retracted when the cylinder is opened to give full and easy access to the ‘inside’ of the patient circuit.
Key Features of the Tafonius Junior 

  • Saves Money Many hospitals use oxygen as their driving gas. A rough guide for a 500kg
  • Can be attached to existing ventilator
  • Small footprint and lower height for greater manoeuvrability
  • Can run off battery – No need for long extension leads
  • Easy cleaning Tafonius Junior has readily accessible airways for cleaning and specially
  • 20L tidal volume
  • No Pressurised driving gas required
  • Suitable for foals
  • Silent operation
  • Battery backup
  • CPAP/PEEP and ASSIST Modes
  • Two versions: with and without anaesthetic circuit
  • Easy-clean : Cylinder rotates for easy access
  • Small footprint
  • Uses the same technology as the original Tafonius
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Tafonius Junior

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