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THE SAPPHIRE Plus ECG system is a single and 6-lead wireless system designed for the remote continuous monitoring and diagnostic investigation of animals.

From a small key-fob sized transmitter worn by the animal, ECG data is sent to a central PC or laptop for immediate display, measurement and analysis.

Key features:

  • A fully diagnostic 6-lead ECG machine weighing 50g
  • Uses latest Bluetooth technology for secure uninterrupted data transmission
  • Extensive range: up to 250m in the open air
  • Uses a rechargeable or standard AAA battery
  • Comes with the comprehensive Vetronic Services monitoring software suite
  • Simultaneous display of all leads
  • USB-powered receiver

The Sapphire Plus ECG system is part of a comprehensive monitoring system for animals and forms just one of the modules that can be added to the VitalMonitor and VitalStore programs. Together, VitalMonitor and VitalStore for a monitoring and diagnostic package that allows full, simultaneous data recording from multiple devices and multiple patients.
It is a true multi-parameter, multi-patient system.
Recorded data can be reviewed, measured and printed as part of an ECG diagnostic investigation or emailed to a cardiologist for further review. The extended view screen allows a review of hours of data in just minutes.
The light eight and long-range capabilities of Sapphire Plus make it suitable for the investigation of patient collapse or for use on a dry or water treadmill.

Sapphire Plus offers more features and capabilities than a standard ECG machine and yet comes in a unit the size of a matchbox and weighing less than 50g.

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Sapphire ECG System

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