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A ROBUST hand-held temperature monitor designed specifically for the Veterinary market. This simple to use monitor is compatible with the industry standard 400 series of temperature sensors.

Vetronic Services also manufacture a range of miniature sensors for the MiniTemp so the unit can be used with species ranging from mice to elephants.

Key Features of the MiniTemp 

  •  Clear LCD screen for easy viewing
  •  Red/green flashing LED indicates comfort zone
  •  Can be used on species from mice to elephants
  •  Compatible with industry standard YSI 400 series temperature sensors
  •  Housed in a rubber protective boot to withstand drops and knocks
  •  Long battery life: 200 hours run time/six months standby
  •  Can be configured for use with Vetronic standard temperature sensors or with the Vetronic range of mini sensors
  •  Can be used with the Vetronic Oesophageal Temperature Sensors in cats, dogs and horses



Veterinary temperature monitor with comfort zone indicator

The MiniTemp is a small, hand-held battery operated temperature monitor designed specifically for use with animals. The monitor supports two common ranges of temperature sensor – the industry-standard YSI 400-compatible range and the 8415 miniature range. The miniature sensors measure just 1.2mm in diameter and are suitable for use with small mammals and exotic species. The standard temperature sensors measure 4mm in diameter and are suitable for all larger species.

The introduction of the concept of a comfort zone for temperature monitoring is designed to enable the user to see at a glance if the animal is within the comfortable range of body temperatures. The comfort zone is designed for use with mammals and has a lower limit of 36.6ºC (97.9ºF) and an upper limit of 39.6ºC (103.2ºF). This relates to one degree above and two degrees below normal body temperature. When the temperature being monitored is within the comfort zone the LED at the top of the unit flashes green. For temperatures outside the comfort zone, the LED flashes red.

The unit is housed in a robust rubber boot resistant to drops and knocks. The boot also has a built-in tilt stand for improved viewing angles.


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