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CARDIOSTORE IS a six limb-lead, 12-bit, digital diagnostic recording system developed especially for the veterinary market.

CardioStore can record and safely save your patients ECG’s on a small RAM card for use at a later date. There is a clear liquid crystal display that lets you see your patient’s ECG during record or replay mode and optional beeps can be used to keep an ear on your patient during anaesthesia. The unit has fully functional alarms for heart rates or apnoea. Once recorded, the patients ECG can be uploaded to a PC via the parallel or printer port and there is a fully dedicated Windows™ program for rapid
report generation.
Quick on-screen measurements can be made with a mouse on all the major ECG parameters and the ECG can be stretched or compressed for optimum viewing.
CardioStore offers all the features of a bigger unit and more, in a small versatile package with extended Windows™ facilities.

Key Features of the CardioStore

  • Full diagnostic-quality digital ECG recording
  • Six limb lead data – I,II,III, aVL, aVR and aVF
  • Heart rate monitor and respiratory rate/apnoea monitor
  • Monitor heart rates up to 800bpm
  • For use on horses to rodents
  • Rechargeable, battery-powered, hand-held unit
  • Real-time ECG monitoring with clear display
  • 20 minutes ECG recording time with standard 2MB SRAM card
  • Replay the ECG to any standard ECG machine
  • Upload to a PC for full editing, measurements and printouts
  • Produce fast, professional ECG reports
  • Fax or e-mail ECG’s from the dedicated Windows™ software direct to your cardiologist
  • Upgradeable to fully automated interpretative software for both dogs and cats


Technical Specifications


  • Screen size 58 x 30mm viewing area
  • Screen Type: Reflective LCD 128 x 64 pixels
  • PCMCIA card: 2MB non-volatile data storage
  • ECG lead connection: 25 way D-type latched socket
  • PC connection: 25 way D-type socket
  • Respiratory connection: Phono-type


  • Dimensions: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 450g
  • Construction: ABS plastic in Ivory with tilt feet


  • Supply: 4 x AA batteries. NimH, Alkaline or NiCad.
  • Power 65mW
  • Current consumption: 12.5mA nominal
  • Frequency response: Flat from 0.05Hz to 100Hz
  • A/D converter: 12 bit – 4096
  • A/D range: +/- 5mV
  • Sampling rate: 600 samples/second


  • Ecg
  • Amplifier Sensitivity range +/-100uV to +/-5mV
  • Heart Rates 10 to 800
  • Sweep Speed 25 mm/second
  • Alarm Limits 5 to 800 bpm
  • Heart Rate alarm increments 10 bpm
  • Counting method Lead II R-wave detection
  • Sensors Skin electrodes
  • Input impedance 5M ohms


  • Rates 1 to 100 breaths per minute
  • Apnoea alarm limits 5 to 60 seconds
  • Apnoea alarm increments 5 seconds
  • Detection method Thermal
  • Sensor NTC thermistor
  • Placement In-line


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