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Since the beginning we have always prided ourselves on putting the customer’s needs first. We always try to improve on this and have once again increased this level of support.


Vetronic Services is called Vetronic Services and not Vetronic Supplies for a reason. We believe in good old-fashioned service so we will call you back when we say we will and we will always keep you informed about your order or repair. We know how much you need your piece of equipment and that it is important to you, so we make sure your order or repair is turned around as efficiently as we can.

In order to maintain this high standard we set ourselves, we constantly work hard to improve our methods so that the equipment is with you as quickly as possible. One particularly useful method is to remotely access your Vetronic equipment to help fix problems or to upgrade equipment firmware. This way your equipment doesn’t even need to leave your premises. This procedure is very simple.

For example, a customer in Europe wanted to take advantage of our new remote access procedure, and within minutes of us connecting to their PC, they had their SAV04 units upgraded and ready to go in minutes. Contrast this to the old days when this would have taken two weeks to send the units back to us for an upgrade.
We use TeamViewer for our remote access support and as a licence holder can send you, the customer, a small program to run on your PC to allow us access.
We have had a form of this capability in the Tafonius ventilator since its first release in 2008, but are happy to announce that this has now been added to SAV04, VitalStore, Sentinel, and of course our new Lightning Multi-Monitor.    Every one of these machines will go out with this capability – for free. All you need is a PC with internet connection and a spare 5 minutes. It could not be simpler.

We offer this Team Viewer support for free within the warranty period of your new Vetronic machine. Thereafter we charge a modest fee for connection and diagnostic and or upgrade procedures. So bear us in mind when thinking about purchasing a new piece of equipment. Customer support isn't just about helping you with the sale.

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